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Romany and Gypsy were saved by Pantera Sanctuary in Holland. We had all but given up all hope of their not being euthanized in Romania. It is our miracle really knowing that these two lovely creatures, who existed in the most harsh and unkind conditions are now having a healthy and caring life with proper food, affection and medical care. the condition that pantera requested was that we support them until Pantera moves to its new much improved home. At last that home is being built. WE have only one more large payment for our two beloved lions, Romany and Gypsy. With all the demands on so many people to bring help into the world for so many causes, we consider them a special and worthy case. Romany and Gypsy are disabled lions. They are however not emotionally disabled and have had a love affair that continues to move us. Their survival is wonderful and for the children that will meet them and hear their story it is a symbol that no one is to be thrown away or seen as unworthy of love and care because they are different. PLEASE HELP US RAISE 1000 Euro. To see Pantera’s new building – http://www.pantera.nl/verhuizen/paginas/de_bouw.php

check out our website to make donations and to see pics of R and G

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